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SHIMMER: My only pet right now. She's a Bright Light in my life. I said I would take her when someone was taking her to the (no kill) shelter, just because I felt like it in the moment. I didn't know what she looked like or what she was like, and she turned out to be PERFECT!
(her eyes are no longer dark orange, she was not doing well on the food she was on (she got a sore on her face!)
Now she's eating Fromm dry food and raw beef liver and is much healthier and her eyes are a normal greenish now.

Jocassee... was rescued from a cardboard box in the Walmart parking lot in Seneca SC in about 2001. She's awesome and will fetch 24/7. She's the winner of the How Many Things Can You Fit in Your Mouth? Contest. She's about a year younger than Master Joey. Jocassee died in December 2014

Oboe, Calvin and Dolly traveling to AZ ... Geronimo is in the back with Joey and Jocassee.
Jetson put his mouse aside for a moment to eat his lunch. (yes that is a real (albeit dead) mouse) He was extra playful and was found in AZ but when I moved back to GA he disappeared 3 days before we left. I think he wanted to stay in AZ. I do think he's alive though. I have funny stories of him...

LOVIE. A very special handsome cat. His name fits. He came to us while we were living in the KOA Campground in Flagstaff AZ (2005) and he was TOTALLY matted, so each time he visited I cut more hair off, until it was all gone. Then it grew back very nicely. He liked to be petted a lot and in bed would be all over my face and even drool on my face! OH how annoying!! But he really was the BEST, and he could leap tall buildings in a single bound.... I had to put him down in Aug. 2012, he injured his spine somehow and couldn't walk anymore, very sad but now he's a beautiful kitty angel!

SUNSHINE. Oh MY this is a special cat. She was half dead in the empty lot next to me. Weighed 6lbs and was about 6 yrs. old. Blind in one eye. LOVED LOVED LOVED this cat, the dogs and I would walk through the tall grass in the National 'Forest' behind my house in Camp Verde AZ and she would run so fast and so far... having such a blast! she disappeared one day though... and I even hired a Trained Dog to "sniff her out" but couldn't find her. Might have been coyotes, this was in AZ.

GERONIMO (with Calvin). He was a sage cat. Very wise, calm and thoughtful. Calvin and Audrey's brother. They are no longer with us.

My Main Man, Joey. He will be 15 August 2015. He came out of the woods in SC (when he was 7 months old) and now he's home! An extremely charming lad. (he was about 5 in this photo) Joey died November 2014. I think he had a stroke. He did amazingly well for having pretty bad hip dysplasia which I helped him with by cooking for him every day and taking him to alternative healers, and he took lots of vitamins and homeopathics too! He went to acupuncture also.

Oboe is the QUEEN, and the oldest of my animals. She's not crazy about the quantity of animals though. But she is gorgeous! I found her when she was teensy ... at the Post Office in Greenville SC. A man was petting her and walked off, I was like "what are you doing leaving this kitty all alone?" the answer was obvious... take her home. She died peacefully of old age July 2014.

CALVIN. Oh how handsome can one cat be??? He was one of 3 kittens I found in SC. (brother is Geronimo) He is no longer with us.

CHARLENE means "French Beauty" She's the Supermodel of cats, even has a "Cindy Crawford Mole" under her nose. She is my Artistic Muse. I trapped her in a cage soon after getting Bucky. She was sickly and living under a trashy trailer, she was the only cat willing to go for the huge dog food chunks with ants all over it that the guy living there put in the cage. Thank GOD she went for it, I don't think she would have made it otherwise. She is FINE now! 
CHARLENE is my only pet now. She's LOVING the attention, and taking FULL advantage of the free time on my hands since the dogs have gone to Doggie Heaven.
As of 2016, she is the STAR of the popular video series as seen on Facebook and with Hashtags #DaysOfOur9Lives. 
As of Oct. 4 2017, she is a most beautiful kitty angel. 

BUCKY.  OMG... this was the best time in my life... raising Bucky in my room. He only lived with me for 1 year and 3 weeks til I found him in the grass (R.I.P)
BUCKY. He was found by a neighbor with his eyes glued shut and very vicious. The vet had to "knock him out" just to work on him, but now he can see! And he became sweet shortly thereafter (the sweetest)
BUCKY. What a Dreamboat! He had the softest, thickest fur!
Now Bucky has a friend, the beautiful Charlene!
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